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The Best Places To Go When You Get To Dallas

A trip to Dallas might be on your agenda, and before you arrive, you ought to be thinking about what you want to do while you are there. For some people, it’s just about being in the city, taking a tour of the downtown area, or perhaps catching a ballgame. If you are thinking about expanding your itinerary, you may want to consider doing several other things. Here is a quick overview of what you should consider doing if you want to have the best time ever when you visit Dallas.

The Sixth Floor Museum

Although this sounds more like a book or movie, it’s actually the name of a building where one of the most infamous events in American history occurred. When John F. Kennedy was assassinated, it was in this area, and that is why they have created a museum to preserve all information about that day. There are quite a few exhibits that are there. You may find that you will become addicted to thinking about this whole conspiracy. The fact that his motorcade was rerouted, and that he ended up where he was in full sight of his assassins, it is something that many people like to think about. There is an air of mystery with this event, and you can learn all about the major players such as Oswald and Ruby. Once you are done there, you should relax a little bit and start to look at some beautiful art.

Crow Collection Of Asian Art

Some of the most intricate artwork in the world has originated from the Orient. When you get to this location, you will see many beautiful depictions of art, some of which will include paintings, drawings, and sculptures that are made of jade. You will certainly be impressed with what you see, and it will help you relax, something that art tends to do for most people. This is something you may not have thought was in Texas, but it definitely is, and should be on your list of attractions to see while you are there.

As you go to these many different exhibits and art displays, you will start to think of Dallas in a completely different way. However, when you see the JFK information, it may bring back memories for some people. It was a tragic day, but it is not representative of the beauty and harmony that can be found in this city. You can plan your trip quickly, and take advantage of sale prices that will be offered to you as you are planning your trip online.