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Dallas County Sheriff’s Office Mourns Deputy

DALLAS, TX — Dallas County Sheriff’s Office announced Friday the death of one of its own. Deputy Homero Calderon was found dead Friday morning from a seemingly self-inflicted gunshot wound in southern Dallas County near Hutchins, the sheriff’s office said.

Interim County Sheriff Marian Brown issued a statement regarding Calderon’s death.

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"There are no words that can accurately describe the sadness we are experiencing due to his loss. This tragedy has touched each of us in different ways. We, in public safety, have difficult jobs that come with unique challenges and dangers, coupled with regular life stressors that make it easy for us to become overwhelmed. As law enforcement professionals, we often mask emotion to do our jobs on a day-to-day basis helping people and we forget or ignore that we often need help ourselves. We ask for time to mourn our loss and the passing of this dedicated officer. It is imperative that Deputy Calderon’s family."
Deputy Calderon started his career at the Sheriff’s Department in November 2, 2000. He worked as a Detention Service Officer at the West Tower Detention Facility before attending the Sheriff’s Academy and being promoted to Deputy Sheriff in September 2008. After graduation, Deputy Calderon worked in the Dallas County Jail before being transferred as an investigator to the Sheriff’s Department Warrant Execution Section.
Deputy Calderon was an integral part of our law enforcement team and a member of our family at-large. His death is a shock to us all, and we offer our full support and condolences to his family.

A suicide prevention lifeline is available at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Anyone can call, including someone who feels suicidal or in distress or someone who is worried about a friend/family member.

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